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About The Everheld Web Group

This is The Everheld Web Group Demo site. To go to the live site, click here.

Be advised that:

  • All content created in this demo site is periodically erased
  • No text, images, designs or any other content created in this demo site will be transferred to the corresponding live site
  • The same "Terms of Use" that apply in the live site also apply in this demo site

The following is the "About" page as it appears in the live site:

About The Everheld Web Group [in progress]

The Everheld Web Group consists of a pair of online memorial sites - Everheld Memorials and Everheld Pets that we believe sets a new standard for what users can expect from an online memorial repository.

Our Mission

Our purpose is .

  • 1. To be among the best online memorial repositories on the Inernet. To provide you with everything you need to easily establish and manage an online memorial that is uniquely your creation in both content and design
  • 2. make full use of website programming decisions in the service of memorializing our departed loved ones
  • 3. To ensure the longevity and health of the site. service to our users, ongoing technological inovation and maintenance, and working within a fair and realistic business model

Distinctive Features

Features include the following:

  • No Ads. We are not against commerce and marketing per se (after all, The Everheld Web Group is itself in business), but we are unconditionally opposed to the idea of allowing advertisements anywhere on memorial pages.
  • On-Off memorial components. The guest book, extended story and multi-media slideshow components of the memorial can be individually turned on or off at your discretion (only the memorial home page is a system requirement). Thus for example, the memorial for an individual who was with us for only a brief time need not present links to "His Life Story" and "Multimedia Slideshow" that default to "No content available" when clicked.
  • Potentially unlimited number and variety of themes. The visual appearance of your online memorial is its most immediate expression of the uniqueness of the life it honors. Our collection of memorial themes will continue to grow and will eventually cover all appropriate categories of expression. Themes will range in style from the simplest use of line and color to the dynamic possibilities of digital art, gradient textures, and multi-layered image crossfades.
  • Revolving Themes. Associating a theme with your memorial is a simple matter of browsing the collection and clicking the desired theme. If you wish to go further, though, our system allows you to assign to your memorial up to four periodically rotating themes (think one for each season of the year) and up to two special occassion themes (think anniversaries of birth and death). You decide how many, if any, of the optional rotation positions to fill, and on what day of the year a particular theme takes over. You can also compose, for each theme, a custom reminder that will be sent to you at a pre-determined time in advance of the upcoming theme rotation.
  • Guest-book Spam Control. If you elect to turn on your guest book, then you can be assured that strong measures are in place to discourage spammers and mischief-makers from adding inappropriate entries. These measures include demanding a correct CAPTCHA response as part of submission and forbidding inclusion of internet addresses (URLs) in the guestbook entry text. And of course, no entry will be visible to your readers unless you give final approval.
  • Minimal Site Presence. All page content that is not part of the memorial proper (i.e., the "Everheld" name, logo, navigator, the "share"-button, etc.) is confined to the footer area of the page. This layout policy applies to all themes and to every page of the memorial.